Salad Mix

Instructions: Composed of a mixture of lettuce mix and greens mix Best grown in rich, loamy soil with high organic matter Keep soil consistently moist throughout growing season Commonly planted in 30” wide beds, 6 rows with seeds spaced 1” apart Pests: Aphids Leafminers Flea beetles Whiteflies Cabbage looper Diamondback moth Diseases: Few diseases because … Continue reading Salad Mix


Instructions: Transplant Autumn (mid-October), or Early spring If planted in autumn, overwinter with low tunnel in field 18 inches between plants, 2 rows per bed Insect Pests: Aphids Armyworm Japanese Beetle Loopers Slugs Strawberry spider mite Thrips Weevils Diseases: Angular leaf spot Botrytis rot (gray mold) Leaf scorch Leaf spot Phomopsis leaf blight Powdery mildew … Continue reading Strawberries

Summer Squash

Instructions: Transplant or direct sow When soil temperatures have reached 60 degrees Fahrenheit - usually three weeks after last frost Seed 8 inches apart and thin to 3 feet apart Plant seedlings 3 feet apart Planting in hills is another method Hill soil and plant 4-6 seeds on the hill This is helpful in colder … Continue reading Summer Squash

Swiss Chard

Instructions: Transplant Mid September –mid October seeding Unheated tunnel; 4 inches between plants, 2 rows per bed Insect Pests: Aphids Springtails Lygus bugs Diseases: Ramularia Leaf Spot Rhizotoctonia basal petiole and crown infection Harvest: Bright Lights Harvest when plant is mature and outer leaves can be harvested, leaving inner leaves for future harvests Best is … Continue reading Swiss Chard