Fall Canning Event

Canning can be a great tool for preserving food.  It allows for storage of foods over long periods of time.  This means that even after the season is over these foods can be enjoyed.  There are lots of ways to can foods and many kinds of foods can be canned.  Some methods include pickling, pressure cooking, and boiling.  To learn … Continue reading Fall Canning Event


Instructions: Best if grown in loose, well-drained soils Ideal soil pH: 6.5-6.8 Direct sow in 4’ wide beds, 12 to 15 plants per row-foot, 6 rows per bed Cooler temperatures and adequate moisture make for milder taste Pests: Cabbage maggot Cutwoms Flea beetle Diseases: Alternaria leaf spot Downy mildew Seed decay White blister Harvest: Pick … Continue reading Radish