• Sow seeds in late winter for autumn harvest
  • Sow seeds in late summer for spring harvest
  • In field or tunnel
  • Transplant if growing in the field, 8-10 weeks after seeding
  • 6 inches between plants, 2 rows per bed

Insect Pests:

  • Allium leaf miner
  • Onion maggot
  • Thrips


  • Botrytis rot (gray mold)
  • Downy mildew
  • Damping-off
  • White rot


  • Ready to harvest about 6 months after seeding
  • Harvest in the morning or afternoon, avoid harvesting in midday
  • Ready when large, firm and not too bulbous at base
  • Pull up entire plant, roots and all, and shake out excess dirt


  • Store in coldest temperature possible without freezing (32-36 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Store in containers which allow for air circulation
  • Can be frozen, making them last up to 5 months in storage
  • When processing, wash each leek, trim off roots and leaves, leaving just the stalk (not necessary until ready to sell)


Year Variety Date Planted Date Harvested Days to Harvest Yield (lbs/sq. ft)

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