Collard Greens


Crop Name: Collard greens

Scientific Name: Brassica oleracea

Family Name: Brassicaceae

Cultivar Groups: Acephala (collards, kale, spring greens)

Warm season or cool season: cool season crop that prefer temperature 40-65 degrees F and tolerate temperature as low as 15 degrees F. Germinate at 45-80 degrees F.


Space between plants/between rows: 10-12 inches apart.

Fertility Requirements: 60-80 lbs of nitrogen per acre prior to planting and 15-30 lbs side dressed 4-6 weeks after planting pH 6-6.5.

Watering Needs: Moist and well drained soil. weekly watering.

Number of days from seed to transplant and/or seed to harvest: 50-60 days to harvest after transplant.

Planting Instructions: Plant transplants in a single row 10-12 inches apart.


Potential Pests: aphids, cabbage hopper,flea beetles, whiteflies, and cabbage worms.

Insect Pests Controls:

Plant Pathogens: leaf spot and soil borne fungi can be prevented by fungicide, crop rotation, and diversity.


When Ready to Harvest: When leaves are dark green and 10-12 inches while plant is not reproductively mature.

How to Harvest: Use shares to remove individual leaves.

Optimal Time of Day to Harvest: Morning

Best Method to Cool Crop: Rapid cooling through refrigeration.

Optimal Storage Temperature and Relative Humidity: 0 degrees celsius at 97%-100% rH

Possible Storage Life: 14 days

Common Post-Harvest Losses/Problems: Sensitive to ethylene injury.

Average Yields: 9,000 pounds per acre

Farm to YouNH Crop Data:

Year Variety Date Planted Date Harvested Days to Harvest Yield (lbs/sq. ft)
N/A sep 12  nov 6   55  .5-1 lb  
  sep 19  nov 13  55  .5-1 lb  

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