Cabbage Aphid

cabbage aphid.jpgBiological information:

  • Common name: Cabbage Aphid
  • Scientific name: Brevicoryne brassicae (Linnaeus)
  • Family or class: Aphididae

Symptoms and/or signs to watch out for:

  • Leaves curling around dense colonies
  • Aphids damage the plant by building up in dense, sticky clumps

Life cycle:

  • Life cycle 16-50 days, shorter at higher temperatures
  • Can be 15 generations in one season
  • Peak populations in mid-August and mid-October

Mode of reproduction:

  • Adult females give birth to live offspring throughout growing season
  • During warm periods females do not need to mate
  • In fall, males are produce and they mate and lay eggs

Vectors for the pest:

  • Surrounding brassica weeds like wild mustard

Overwintering habit:

  • Eggs laid in plant debris near the soil surface

Alternate hosts:

  • Any other brassica plant, including weed species

Horticultural production information:

Preventative strategies:

  • Destroy crop remnants after harvest
  • Remove brassica weeds
  • Plant wild-flower habitats to attract natural enemies
  • Remove heavily infested plants entirely

Threshold levels:

  • Control is more than 10% plant is infested
  • See sequential sampling chart on UC IPM Pest Maagement Guidelines: Cole Crops

Control options:

Physical controls:

  • Limit Nitrogen fertilization
  • Remove heavy infestations
  • Polycropping with beneficial flowers
  • Squish them by hand

Biological controls:

  • Ladybeetles
  • Syrphid flies
  • Parasitic wasps
  • Lacewing larvae

Chemical controls:

-Azera, M-Pede, peppermint leaf extract, seed extract from the Chinaberry tree

Historical notes from Farm to YoU NH:

Date/circumstances observed (Pictures)

Control method used, efficacy of control method


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