Strawberry Leaf Spot

Biological information: Common name: Strawberry Leaf Spot Scientific name: Mycosphaerella fragariae Family or class: Mycosphaerellaceae Symtoms and/or signs to watch out for: Leaf lesions 3-8mm in diameter Dark purple/reddish in color Life cycle: Differs in southern/northern growing regions (warmer vs. colder) Northern: 3 sources of primary inoculum: spores from overwintering sclerotia, and ascospores. Spores are … Continue reading Strawberry Leaf Spot


Biological information: Common name: White Flies Family or class: Aleyrodidae 3 types Greenhouse White Flies Banded-wing White Flies Silverleaf White Flies Not actually a Fly, but more related to aphids, scales, and mealybugs Symptoms and or signs to watch out for: Adult bodies and wings are covered by a mealy white wax that gives them … Continue reading Whiteflies