Harvest Day Recap

serenade_harvest-dayThank you to all who came out for Harvest Day!  We had a great time preparing for the event.  Everyone in the class participated.  A special thanks to Professors Cheryl Parker and Jonathan Ebba, our willing lecturers.  They shared their knowledge on the new beer brewing minor at UNH and hydroponics/aquaponics, respectively.

Cheryl explained how to grow hops and the process of brewing and the possibility of incorporating her expertise with Farm to YouNH. We are excited at the chance to grow hops for her class!

Jonathan shared how hydroponic growers need to be cautious with their pesticide use like soil farmers are encouraged to be.  It has a similar impact on our earth.   It is much easier for hydroponic growers to call their crops “organic” because there aren’t many USDA regulations.  Soil growers have a much tougher time growing organically.  There are also some drawbacks to what crops you can grow in a hydroponic system.


Harvest Day wasn’t all about lectures!  We had a great time tossing stale bread for our Compost Chuckin’ game and we had a local musician group, the Philosophical Waffles, and local musician, Dylan McNeil, come out to serenade us.  Peter Kane gave a walk & talk about weeds you can add to your salad.  It was a fantastic time for all who came out to support the efforts at the high tunnels.

We love Harvest Day because it is a chance to share what we’ve been doing at Farm to YouNH and raise awareness for locally grown food.

Be sure to join us next year for more fun and learning!

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