Crop Name: Arugula

Scientific Name: Eruca sativa

Family Name: Brassicaceae

Cultivar Groups: Bellezia, Roquette, Sylvetta, Astro

Warm season or cool season:  Cool Season


Space between plants/between rows: 30-50 seeds/ft, gradually thin to 2 inches apart, with rows 12-18 inches apart

Fertility Requirements: Apply compost, as well as a balanced timely release

Watering Needs: Frequent and regular watering to keep the soil moist

Number of days from seed to transplant and/or seed to harvest: 40 days

Planting Instructions:

  • Direct seed / broadcast
  • 1/8” deep, 30-50 seeds/ft.
  • Anytime from June to October
  • Unheated tunnel
  • Gradually thin to 6-inch if direct seed


Potential Pests: Flea beetles and slugs

Insect Pests Controls: Floating row covers

Plant Pathogens: Plant pathogens are rare in Arugula


Arugula is ready to harvest when the leaves are about 3-6 inches long, and the individual leaves can be cut, or the entire plant can be pulled.  The leaves should be harvested with scissors or a knife right above the soil in the evening, because the sun isn’t as intense and the plant will not be wilted.  Arugula should be washed in cool water, and stored between 32-40 °F with a relative humidity of 80-90%. Storage life for arugula is from 2-3 days, and the losses can occur.

How to Harvest: The leaves or plant should be harvested right above soil level with a knife or scissors.

Optimal Time of Day to Harvest: The best time to harvest is in the evening, when the plant isn’t wilted from the sun.

Best Method to Cool Crop: Arugula should be hydro cooled.

Optimal Storage Temperature and Relative Humidity: The crop should be stored between 32-40 °F with a relative humidity of 80-90%.

Possible Storage Life: Arugula doesn’t keep well, and generally lasts 2-3 days.

Common Post-Harvest Losses/Problems: Ethylene exposure which increases yellowing and disease.

Average Yields: 27 lbs per 100 ft row

Farm to YouNH Crop Data:

Year Variety Date Planted Date Harvested Days to Harvest Yield (lbs/sq. ft)


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