Crop name: Thyme

Scientific name: Thymus vulgaris

Family name: Labiataceae

Cultivar groups: common thyme, lemon thyme, wooly thyme, creeping thyme, wild thyme, elfin thyme

Warm season or cool season: cool season


Space between plants/between rows: 6 inches between plants, 12 inches between rows

Fertility Requirements:

-Light, dry, well drained soil with a pH or 6.3

-Doesn’t require much fertility

-Does well in poor soils

Watering Needs:

Average watering needs

-Allow soil to go completely dry before soaking. Soak thoroughly

Number of days from seed to transplant and/or seed to harvest:

12-14 weeks

Planting Instructions: Can be propagated via seed, layering, cuttings, or division. Transplant or direct seeding can be done. Keep plants moist while young. Cutting and division should be done in the spring.


Potential Pests: white fly, spider mites

Insect Pests Controls:  use good growing practices, bio-controls such as predatory mites can be used, get rid of infected plants and use good hygiene practices

Plant Pathogens: root rot, fungal diseases


When Ready to Harvest: pick as needed. Ready to harvest right before plants begin to bloom.

How to Harvest: cut off tops of branches with 4-5 inches of stem. Cut at the junctures to encourage side shoots.

Optimal Time of Day to Harvest: In the morning when it is shady and cool

Best Method to Cool Crop: room-cooling

Optimal Storage Temperature and Relative Humidity: 32 degrees F at a relative humidity of about 50%. Or dry, crumble and put into a sealed container

Possible Storage Life: 4 weeks for fresh thyme and up to 6 months for dried thyme

Common Post-Harvest Losses/Problems: improper storage: if it gets wet it can be prone to mold

Average Yields: Farm to YouNH Crop Data:

Farm to YouNH Crop Data: 

Not available

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