Compost is a process and product of organic waste being broken down into nutrient rich soil. Compost is a great way to increase your percent of soil organic matter within your farm or home garden. As well, immobilized nutrients within the organic waste are broken down and made available for … Continue reading Compost

Spring Update

Spring 2019 has been a great semester for Farm to You NH.  Having only five students has made the course different than other years.  Students have gotten more of a one on one experience in their workshifts. Crop production has been steady this semester.  In the unheated tunnel, Red Russian and Winterbor Kale have thrived!  … Continue reading Spring Update

It’s All about the Pumpkin!

As the leaves begin to change and the boots come out of the closet, we start looking forward to pumpkin spice and everything nice. Each year when September rolls around, you can find almost anything in pumpkin flavor. From coffee to donuts to even pumpkin spice cheerios, it’s the time of year where people go crazy … Continue reading It’s All about the Pumpkin!

Organic ≠ Healthy

Most of us involved in agriculture know at least one person who views organic as the label that determines whether a food is healthy, sustainable, or impregnated with pesticides.  Well that’s not necessarily the case.  The organic certification does not prevent pesticide use, it merely restricts the pesticides used to more “natural” alternatives.  This presents … Continue reading Organic ≠ Healthy

How To: Clone Your Favorite Plants!

    Have you ever had a plant that performed so well that you wished you could copy it and put exact copies all over your garden?  Well we’re going to show you how! All you need is a seedling tray with a clear plastic dome, some extra-sharp pruning shears, a spray bottle, and some … Continue reading How To: Clone Your Favorite Plants!

A Guide to Reducing Waste: Freezing, Dehydrating, and Composting

We’re all about being sustainable here at Farm to YoU NH. Americans waste some 60 million tons of food a year. We have a two-part blog for you with some tips and tricks on how to reduce your waste. This week we will discussing freezing and dehydrating food, as well as composting.   Freezing Foods … Continue reading A Guide to Reducing Waste: Freezing, Dehydrating, and Composting

Q&A with Kelsey MacDonald of Heron Pond Farm

Our Food Production & Field Experience class had the opportunity to attend the first Winter Farmers Market of the season at Wentworth Greenhouses. Cece Hay sat down with Kelsey MacDonald from Heron Pond Farm for a little question and answer session. Cece: It’s my first time coming to this winter’s farmers market, is it always … Continue reading Q&A with Kelsey MacDonald of Heron Pond Farm


CROP INFORMATION: Crop name: Watermelon Scientific name: Citrillus lanatus Family name: Cucurbitaceae Cultivar groups: Sugar Baby, Charleston Gravy, Crimson, etc. Warm season or cool season: Warm season PLANTING INFORMATION: Space between plants/between rows: Plant seeds ½-1” deep, 18-24” apart in groups of three. Thin later on to best plant per bunch. Rows 5-6 feet apart. … Continue reading Watermelon