Cucumber Grafting

The first project we did this semester in SAFS 680 was grafting cucumbers!! Grafting is the process of joining the rootstock from one species with the scion of another species to create a plant that has the most desirable traits from both sections. Grafting first originated in Japan in the 1920s and has a long … Continue reading Cucumber Grafting

Beginning the Fall 2020 Semester!

Greetings from Farm to YoU NH’s Fall 2020 class! This semester will certainly be unique, but we are excited to jump right into the growing season. Right before the pandemic, the Spring 2020 class had planted lettuce into the tunnels. This crop was harvested and brought to the dining halls. When UNH closed, the high … Continue reading Beginning the Fall 2020 Semester!

New England Sweet Potatoes 2: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Welcome back to our sweet potato growing saga. If you missed the first part of how to plant your own sweet potatoes in New England, you can find it here. In it we give you step by step instructions, with pictures, on how and why you should be taking advantage of this wonderful New England … Continue reading New England Sweet Potatoes 2: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

How to: New England Sweet Potatoes

Are your average potatoes getting too boring? Do you want more vitamin A and beta-carotene in your diet? Have you ever wondered if you can grow sweet potatoes in your New England home garden? You are in luck! You can even start your own ‘slips’ (shoots that have sprouted directly from the root), without having … Continue reading How to: New England Sweet Potatoes

Spring Update 2019

Spring 2019 has been a great semester for Farm to You NH.  Having only five students has made the course unique from other years. This semester, students have been able to gain more of a one on one experience in their workshifts. We are happy to announce that crop production has been steady this semester.  … Continue reading Spring Update 2019


          Compost is a process and product of organic waste being broken down into nutrient rich soil. Compost is a great way to increase your percent of soil organic matter within your farm or home garden. As well, immobilized nutrients within the organic waste are broken down and made available for … Continue reading Compost

It’s All about the Pumpkin!

As the leaves begin to change and the boots come out of the closet, we start looking forward to pumpkin spice and everything nice. Each year when September rolls around, you can find almost anything in pumpkin flavor. From coffee to donuts to even pumpkin spice cheerios, it’s the time of year where people go crazy … Continue reading It’s All about the Pumpkin!

Organic ≠ Healthy

Most of us involved in agriculture know at least one person who views organic as the label that determines whether a food is healthy, sustainable, or impregnated with pesticides.  Well that’s not necessarily the case.  The organic certification does not prevent pesticide use, it merely restricts the pesticides used to more “natural” alternatives.  This presents … Continue reading Organic ≠ Healthy