Join us for our FREE Networking Event!

You're invited to the Farm to YouNH's 4th annual Harvest Day networking event! We will have student-led farm tours, informational lectures and demonstrations. It will be a fun time to network and develop community relationships while promoting agriculture! The free event will be held on Friday, September 29th, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at … Continue reading Join us for our FREE Networking Event!

Winter Salad Mix Trial

Although most farmers have their sights focused impatiently on spring, a winter-growing experiment is taking place at the UNH high tunnels. Salad mix (which we create by mixing baby lettuce mix and baby greens mix) is a winner at the UNH Dairy Bar, so it is a winter staple for us to grow at Farm … Continue reading Winter Salad Mix Trial

Mid-Semester Check In

​As the semester reaches the halfway point, we in Farm to You NH are excited to participate in the Greenhouse Open House on Saturday the 31st, where we will be giving tours of the high tunnels for everyone to see what we’ve been growing. Right now, we have salad mix, kale, spinach, beets, and more! … Continue reading Mid-Semester Check In

Welcome 2017 Class!

Hello, We're the new class of Farm to YouNH! We're so excited for the new season, and the fact that Spring is just around the corner. Follow us at Farm to You NH on Facebook and Twitter for more regular updates on what we're growing!

Diversity Gives Way to Bountiful Opportunities

Coppal House Farm, run by John and Carol Hutton sits on 78 acres in the beautiful Lee, N.H. John and Carol started the farm 11 years ago after previously farming in Stratham, N.H. They have a highly diversified operation that includes raising pigs, sheep, and chickens all while growing numerous vegetables. They are a mixed … Continue reading Diversity Gives Way to Bountiful Opportunities

Worst Drought in Northeast this Decade has Broad Impacts

When the word drought is said, thoughts of California and the Salinas Valley come to mind. Thoughts of large Midwestern irrigation system and raging wildfires also emerge. Most do not think of the Northeast as a place of drought. But if you are a farmer in the Northeast or have spent any time here for … Continue reading Worst Drought in Northeast this Decade has Broad Impacts

Farm to YoU NH- Then… and Now!

We are now in our fourth year of production here at Farm to YoU NH at UNH (36 Spinney Lane at the Fairchild Dairy in Durham, NH). It has been an amazing adventure to see how the student participants of this program have transformed the way in which this farm runs and all the ideas … Continue reading Farm to YoU NH- Then… and Now!

Honeyberries: The New Fruit in Town

....Is it a blueberry? ....Is it a grape? Neither! The honeyberry (Lonicera caerulea L.), also known as "haskap" in Japan, is native to Russia and up until recently was seen primarily in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Canada. It is part of the edible honeysuckle family, which contains mostly shrubs and vines. Generally grown in temperate regions, … Continue reading Honeyberries: The New Fruit in Town