How To: Clone Your Favorite Plants!

    Have you ever had a plant that performed so well that you wished you could copy it and put exact copies all over your garden?  Well we’re going to show you how! All you need is a seedling tray with a clear plastic dome, some extra-sharp pruning shears, a spray bottle, and some … Continue reading How To: Clone Your Favorite Plants!

A Guide to Reducing Waste: Freezing, Dehydrating, and Composting

We’re all about being sustainable here at Farm to YoU NH. Americans waste some 60 million tons of food a year. We have a two-part blog for you with some tips and tricks on how to reduce your waste. This week we will discussing freezing and dehydrating food, as well as composting.   Freezing Foods … Continue reading A Guide to Reducing Waste: Freezing, Dehydrating, and Composting

Q&A with Kelsey MacDonald of Heron Pond Farm

Our Food Production & Field Experience class had the opportunity to attend the first Winter Farmers Market of the season at Wentworth Greenhouses. Cece Hay sat down with Kelsey MacDonald from Heron Pond Farm for a little question and answer session. Cece: It’s my first time coming to this winter’s farmers market, is it always … Continue reading Q&A with Kelsey MacDonald of Heron Pond Farm

Harvest Day Recap

Thank you to all who came out for Harvest Day!  We had a great time preparing for the event.  Everyone in the class participated.  A special thanks to Professors Cheryl Parker and Jonathan Ebba, our willing lecturers.  They shared their knowledge on the new beer brewing minor at UNH and hydroponics/aquaponics, respectively. Cheryl explained how … Continue reading Harvest Day Recap

Salad Mix Trials and Tribulations

Here is a quick recap of what went on at the Farm to YoUNH high tunnels this past spring:             The growth habits (including time to germination and time to harvest) of greens mix and lettuce mix was studied. We were working to determine the effect that planting in the heated versus unheated tunnel had … Continue reading Salad Mix Trials and Tribulations

Join us for our FREE Networking Event!

You're invited to the Farm to YouNH's 4th annual Harvest Day networking event! We will have student-led farm tours, informational lectures and demonstrations. It will be a fun time to network and develop community relationships while promoting agriculture! The free event will be held on Friday, September 29th, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at … Continue reading Join us for our FREE Networking Event!

Winter Salad Mix Trial

Although most farmers have their sights focused impatiently on spring, a winter-growing experiment is taking place at the UNH high tunnels. Salad mix (which we create by mixing baby lettuce mix and baby greens mix) is a winner at the UNH Dairy Bar, so it is a winter staple for us to grow at Farm … Continue reading Winter Salad Mix Trial

Mid-Semester Check In

​As the semester reaches the halfway point, we in Farm to You NH are excited to participate in the Greenhouse Open House on Saturday the 31st, where we will be giving tours of the high tunnels for everyone to see what we’ve been growing. Right now, we have salad mix, kale, spinach, beets, and more! … Continue reading Mid-Semester Check In