Flea Beetle

Biological information: Common name: Flea Beetle Scientific name: Alticini spp., Phyllotreta spp., Podagrica spp.    Family or class: Chrysomelidae Symptoms and/or signs to watch out for: Presence of adult beetles on leaves Flea Beetles damage plants by chewing small holes in the foliage Watch for sudden burst of jumping black spots among leaves Life cycle: … Continue reading Flea Beetle

Curly Dock

Biological information: Common name: Curly Dock Scientific name: Rumex crispus (acid, curled) Family or class: Polygonaceae Symptoms and or signs to watch out for: green leaves early in the spring, tinged with red distinctive waved or curled edges favors wet/overwatered/poorly-drained soil can be toxic to livestock (humans can eat it) Life cycle: perennial flowering plant (buckwheat family) … Continue reading Curly Dock