Crop Showcase: Microgreens!

The world moves much more quickly today than it did when sliced bread was the newest culinary invention taking the world by storm. Along with the farmers of the days of old, many agricultural operations today wait months for their crops to be ready to harvest. However, in the past decade or so a new … Continue reading Crop Showcase: Microgreens!

Alumni Callout

Hey y'all FarmToYouNH Alum, we want to recognize all of your hard work in the tunnels and fields. We added an alumni page to the FarmToYouNH website and we're hoping you'll help us add the missing semesters' student farmers. If we had a comprehensive list of all the awesome people that had worked this soil, … Continue reading Alumni Callout

Strawberries are in the ground!

Many of New England's gardeners plan to plant their strawberry plants in the early spring, after the thaw but before everything wakes up from the wintry slumber. Not us! We just planted two hundred little strawberry plants! We'll keep them protected from the harshest winter temperatures with a hefty layer of mulch and they'll be … Continue reading Strawberries are in the ground!

Spring Update 2019

Spring 2019 has been a great semester for Farm to You NH.  Having only five students has made the course unique from other years. This semester, students have been able to gain more of a one on one experience in their workshifts. We are happy to announce that crop production has been steady this semester.  … Continue reading Spring Update 2019

A Guide to Reducing Waste: Freezing, Dehydrating, and Composting

We’re all about being sustainable here at Farm to YoU NH. Americans waste some 60 million tons of food a year. We have a two-part blog for you with some tips and tricks on how to reduce your waste. This week we will discussing freezing and dehydrating food, as well as composting.   Freezing Foods … Continue reading A Guide to Reducing Waste: Freezing, Dehydrating, and Composting


CROP INFORMATION: Crop name: Watermelon Scientific name: Citrillus lanatus Family name: Cucurbitaceae Cultivar groups: Sugar Baby, Charleston Gravy, Crimson, etc. Warm season or cool season: Warm season PLANTING INFORMATION: Space between plants/between rows: Plant seeds ½-1” deep, 18-24” apart in groups of three. Thin later on to best plant per bunch. Rows 5-6 feet apart. … Continue reading Watermelon


CROP INFORMATION: Crop Name: Chives Scientific Name: Allium fistulosum Family Name: Allium Cultivar Groups: bulbing onion, shallot, bunching onion Warm season or cool season:  Cool season PLANTING INFORMATION: Space between plants/between rows:  2” to 3” between plants, 4” between rows Fertility Requirements: Maintain soil pH between 6.5 to 6.8 Less N fertilizer will be needed … Continue reading Chives


CROP INFORMATION: Crop name: Thyme Scientific name: Thymus vulgaris Family name: Labiataceae Cultivar groups: common thyme, lemon thyme, wooly thyme, creeping thyme, wild thyme, elfin thyme Warm season or cool season: cool season PLANTING INFORMATION: Space between plants/between rows: 6 inches between plants, 12 inches between rows Fertility Requirements: -Light, dry, well drained soil with … Continue reading Thyme

Sweet Potatoes

Crop Information: Crop name: Sweet Potato Scientific name: Ipomeoea batatas Family name: Convolvulaceae Cultivar groups: orange flesh and white flesh Warm season or cool season: Warm Season Planting instructions: Transplant; slips (rooted sprouts) or vine cuttings placed 4 inches deep in warm, moist sand or soil for about 1 month. Ambient temperature must be at … Continue reading Sweet Potatoes