Fall 2020 Student Farmers

Each semester, students spend equal parts of the semester working on two of four teams: Propagation, Production, Social Media, and Record Keeping. When students take both semesters of the program, they will spend a little time on each team! Meet the Fall 2020 Student Farmers…

Claire Veitch

Claire was co-lead for the Social Media and Production teams. She’s not the biggest fan of winter’s cold, but will take anybody on in a hockey shootout.

Abi Farrington

Abi was co-lead of the Production and Propagation teams. She is a seasoned camp counselor and thinks kids are way more fun than adults, who just cannot be goofy enough to be taken seriously.

Hailee Whitesel

Hailee was co-lead of the Propagation and Social Media teams. She believes that plain Cape Cod potato chips are potatoes perfected. This isn’t up for debate.


Nikki managed the Record Keeping and Propagation teams. She’s a Rhode Island christmas-tree-, cow-, and vegetable- farmer. She’s seriously smart.

Jess Clancy

Jess co-managed the Production and Social Media teams. She plays the Irish flute and Irish drums at renaissance festivals and likes to get there on her 2017 Kawasaki Ninja.

Kyle Saltonstall

Kyle managed the Record Keeping team and maintained the website. He loves talking about tractors, comic books, and spicy peppers… and talking, and talking, and talking.

Jill Locke

Jill was co-lead on the Production and Propagation teams. She’s one of New Hampshire’s most promising future farmers, but believes that The Princess Bride is a terrible movie. Not everyone is perfect.