Crop Showcase: Saffron

Here at the high tunnels, we cultivate a wide variety of plants, including these unremarkable looking tufts of grass that may just be weeds... Just kidding. These are the foliage of Crocus sativus, an autumn-flowering plant that produces the spice saffron. The harvested portion of the spice are the vibrant red-orange styles, which conduct pollen … Continue reading Crop Showcase: Saffron

Fat Peach Farm Tour

Even in the age of COVID, the Field Production class at UNH was able to enjoy a field trip this semester to learn more about local agriculture. Fat Peach Farm in Madbury, NH graciously allowed a farm tour and visit to showcase all the exciting happenings of Spring! Sugaring may be done for the year, … Continue reading Fat Peach Farm Tour


Think food production at UNH only happens in the field or in a greenhouse? Think again! Check out these amazing trays of microgreens at Philbrook Dining Hall! These trays are seeded weekly at the Farm to You NH high tunnels and then brought over and placed in the growing system inside Philly – another example … Continue reading Microgreens

Highlighting Queer Farming Networks

Queer farming comes with challenges not faced by farmers who are cis-gender, or straight. There is first the obstacle of acceptance that they can be a farmer. It may sound silly but often the public's ideas surrounding farmers are often a white, straight, cis-gendered couple farming on their generational family farm. This image is perpetually … Continue reading Highlighting Queer Farming Networks

Farm to You NH a Year into COVID-19

We are coming up to the one year anniversary of the changed UNH operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to look back at how things have changed in small ways such as the change in our program to find ways that it enabled us to grow and changed our own perceptions of … Continue reading Farm to You NH a Year into COVID-19

Bed prep in the tunnels

Dirt... erm... SOIL in need of some love. We finally got the tunnels covered back up with plastic… phew!! The tunnel covered, we needed to prep the beds so we can start growing. Here are the steps we use at FarmToYouNH in the preparation of our soil… -Clear away the previous crop and crop debris. … Continue reading Bed prep in the tunnels

Alumni Callout

Hey y'all FarmToYouNH Alum, we want to recognize all of your hard work in the tunnels and fields. We added an alumni page to the FarmToYouNH website and we're hoping you'll help us add the missing semesters' student farmers. If we had a comprehensive list of all the awesome people that had worked this soil, … Continue reading Alumni Callout

Strawberries are in the ground!

Many of New England's gardeners plan to plant their strawberry plants in the early spring, after the thaw but before everything wakes up from the wintry slumber. Not us! We just planted two hundred little strawberry plants! We'll keep them protected from the harshest winter temperatures with a hefty layer of mulch and they'll be … Continue reading Strawberries are in the ground!

Cucumber Grafting

The first project we did this semester in SAFS 680 was grafting cucumbers!! Grafting is the process of joining the rootstock from one species with the scion of another species to create a plant that has the most desirable traits from both sections. Grafting first originated in Japan in the 1920s and has a long … Continue reading Cucumber Grafting

Beginning the Fall 2020 Semester!

Greetings from Farm to YoU NH’s Fall 2020 class! This semester will certainly be unique, but we are excited to jump right into the growing season. Right before the pandemic, the Spring 2020 class had planted lettuce into the tunnels. This crop was harvested and brought to the dining halls. When UNH closed, the high … Continue reading Beginning the Fall 2020 Semester!