Biological information: Common name: White Flies Family or class: Aleyrodidae 3 types Greenhouse White Flies Banded-wing White Flies Silverleaf White Flies Not actually a Fly, but more related to aphids, scales, and mealybugs Symptoms and or signs to watch out for: Adult bodies and wings are covered by a mealy white wax that gives them … Continue reading Whiteflies

Tomato Hornworm

Biological Information: Common Name: Tomato Hornworm / Five Spotted Hawk Moth Scientific: Manduca quinquemaculata Family: Sphingidae Symptoms and/or signs to watch out for: Leaf / fruit damage, droppings on leaves, fruit, ground. Damage to plants in the Solanaceae family, usually tomatoes, sometimes Life cycle: Eggs - laid on low foliage, 5-8 days to hatch Larva … Continue reading Tomato Hornworm

Cabbage Aphid

Biological information: Common name: Cabbage Aphid Scientific name: Brevicoryne brassicae (Linnaeus) Family or class: Aphididae Symptoms and/or signs to watch out for: Leaves curling around dense colonies Aphids damage the plant by building up in dense, sticky clumps Life cycle: Life cycle 16-50 days, shorter at higher temperatures Can be 15 generations in one season … Continue reading Cabbage Aphid

Flea Beetle

Biological information: Common name: Flea Beetle Scientific name: Alticini spp., Phyllotreta spp., Podagrica spp.    Family or class: Chrysomelidae Symptoms and/or signs to watch out for: Presence of adult beetles on leaves Flea Beetles damage plants by chewing small holes in the foliage Watch for sudden burst of jumping black spots among leaves Life cycle: … Continue reading Flea Beetle