Spring 2021 Student Farmers

Looking for a breath of fresh air in the midst of COVID, the next wave of farmers returned to the tunnels to learn from the land. Making sure the program buzzed like a bee students were split into teams of Propagation, Production, Social Media, and Record Keeping . Meet the Spring 2021 Student Farmers…

Jessi Chmielewski

Worked on the propagation team and the social media team.  She is a non-traditional student, with this being her last semester of school. She has a 2 year old daughter and runs her own farm, JessiWayne Farm with her husband in W. Newfield ME, where they focus on Maple syrup, spring flowers, salad mix, and a variety of other vegetables. 

Meghan Wolfe

Meghan is an adventurer, with a love for plants, animals and music. She smiles. Her endless love and boundless optimism and curiosity makes the sun brightly shine and the snow gently fall. And the girl knows how to slice an avocado.

Alexander Gross

Alex worked on both record keeping and production teams for the farm. Previously the only thing he knew how to farm were oysters, but this class opened his eyes to veggie production as well! 

Tristan Busel

He was on the production team and the social media team for the spring semester 2021. A sophomore here at UNH with a minor in sustainable agriculture. SAFS 679 has given him great opportunities to learn about the production end of agriculture

Santino Marchesano

Worked on social media and propagation team. A recent transfer from Pitt (R.I.P. Mac), he felt it was time to return home and resettle old roots.

Dominica Pechan

Dominica was on the production and propagation team. She secretly only farms for the excuse to be outside at all moments.

Peter Kane

His name is Pete Kane and he is the farm manager and TA for the Food Production Field Experience courses. His favorite things to grow are tomatoes, herbs and exotic plants.

Eleanor Braun

Ellie worked on the propagation and social media teams this semester. She has a special interest in cows, blueberries, and genetics.